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Benefits of Partnering with the U.S. Army PaYS Program

A fast-growing freight and logistics company with a commitment to using technology to meet the needs of its customers, GlobalTranz has established itself as one of Arizona’s leading companies. In March 2017, GlobalTranz announced its partnership with the United States Army PaYS (Partnership for Youth Success) program. In return for its partnership, the company receives the following:

1. Access to a continual flow of quality job candidates who have served, or are serving, their country. Each candidate brings a strong work ethic and well-developed leadership skills in addition to technical skills acquired while serving in the army.
2. The ability to advertise itself as a veteran-friendly company. This includes the media coverage that comes with participation in PaYS’ grassroots events.
3. Complete control over the jobs offered and the number of candidates the company wishes to interview for vacant positions.
4. The opportunity to contribute to the development of a more skilled workforce through the reinforcement of the Army’s message that young people must stay in school.
5. Access to other employment programs operated by the Department of Defense, and thus an expanded pool of viable candidates for job vacancies.

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