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The Benefits of SmartWay Transport Partnership


Established in 2003, GlobalTranz is a leading shipping and logistics company and multiple Arizona Corporate Excellence (ACE) Award recipient. Further, GlobalTranz is a SmartWay Transport Partner, joining over 3,000 logistics, shipping, and freight companies in the United States.

Operated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), SmartWay offers partners a structure for measuring and improving operational efficiency. Beyond this, SmartWay partners receive the following benefits:

1. Performance reports and statistics, both for their own efficiency and that of their peers.
2. Environmental performance information for carbon tracking and sustainability reports.
3. Access to the SmartWay logo, which is usable in a variety of ways as a promotional tool.
4. The option of using the SmartWay logo on tractors and trucks, assuming the equipment meets standards defined by the EPA.
5. Performance documentation for sharing with customers and key stakeholders, which can demonstrate good standing and enhance the company’s image.
6. Access to tools for tracking and carbon accounting that are free of charge.

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