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The Key Features of CarrierRate 2.0


One of the United States’ leading logistics and transportation companies, GlobalTranz maintains relationships with more than 25,000 shippers and carriers. To ensure quality service, GlobalTranz constantly invests in new technology to advance its services and offers a range of software, including CarrierRate 2.0, which helps shippers efficiently gather quotes, arrange bookings, and manage their deliveries. Here are some of the key features of CarrierRate 2.0.

1. Multiple tabs. The CarrierRate 2.0 dashboard allows shippers to keep multiple tabs open, much like you can with a web browser, thus ensuring efficient, seamless transitions between tasks without the loss of previous work.
2. Quote saving. Shippers can save the quotes they send out to the system and access them at any time via CarrierRate 2.0’s intuitive user interface.
3. In-depth reporting. The software’s reporting system allows shippers to make important calculations, such as cost per mile and pound, in addition to tracking accessorial exceptions and creating rankings for carriers.
4. Live chat. Real-time communications are possible between shippers and freight carriers via an online live chat option.

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